Locksmith in Bournemouth

Rapid Locksmiths in Bournemouth – Lock Opening Services

Emergency Lock Opening Services – Rapid Locksmiths Bournemouth are local specialist in lock opening we take pride in being able open any lock on any door without any damage. We provide a genuine 24 hour emergency call out so whether your Locked out, Lost your keys or looking to get your locks replaced in a hurry Rapid Locksmith Bournemouth are on stand by day and night to help you in any emergency situations.

No Call Out Charges – Rapid Locksmith Bournemouth do not have a call out charge, Alot of locksmith companies charge a call out charge for coming out to your home and doing a job for on top of this they also charge you a labour charge for the work carried out. A call out charge is a charge you pay for just having a locksmith or tradesman to come out, not to actually do any work just too come to your front door.

Rapid Locksmith Bournemouth do not charge a call out charge we only charge a labour charge once the work has been completed, so for example if we come out to your home or business and did not do any work and just gave you a quote on the work that needed to be done we would not charge you anything but you wanted us to fix the problem for you there and then we would charge you a labour charge.

30 Minute Response Time – We have a 30 minute emergency response time so you can be reassured that in an emergency we can get you back in your home in no time.

Identification Needed To Gain Entry – Please be advised we will always ask are customers to provide photographic identification such as a passport or drivers license too gain access to your home if you do not have any identification on you this can be shown once we have gain access to your home, This is very important as were sure you can understand, this is normally only required in a lockout situation.


Rapid Locksmiths: 19 Plover Road, Totton, Hampshire, So40 8TF