Locksmith in Bournemouth

UPVC Door Lock Repair and Replacement Services

Rapid Locksmith Bournemouth are local Specialists in UPVC doors and windows. We work on all aspects of UPVC from jammed locks, Replacement locks & keys, realigning and replacing hinges on all doors and windows. Rapid Locksmith Bournemouth Provide a 24 hour Emergency Lock Opening service with the fastest response time around Bournemouth.

If You’ve Lost your keys or they have been stolen we will open and replace the lock so you can be reassured that your the only person with a key, Rapid Locksmith Bournemouth keep a fully stocked van with the correct locks for any situation.

Common Problems With UPVC Doors:

Has Your Door Dropped – Overtime UPVC doors drop due to the hinges enable to carry the weight of the door a lot of the time this can happen without you even noticing it or have any effect on you being able to use the door, When this happens and you are enable to lock the door it needs to be realigned.

When the door is fitted its fitted inline with the frame so that when you lift the handle the deadbolt or hooks are aligned with the striking plate Fixed to the frame, When the door drops the deadbolts or hooks will not fit in to the striking plate anymore, Fixing this problem can be quick and easy or may take a little more time and work depending on the type of hinges fitted to the door.

Most UPVC doors are normally fitted with two different types of hinges (Flag Hinges or Pencil Hinges) Flag Hinges you would normally find fitted to more recently fitted UPVC doors these are adjustable so we can adjust them and realign the door without having to take the door off, Pencil hinges you would normally find fitted to an older style door these can sometimes be adjusted very slightly but if the door has dropped a lot then the door has to come off and the hinges need to be realigned.


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